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Binance Smart Chain


Trickle Token is an auto-stacking protocol that promotes hodling and earning on the way up. Trickle allows a 12% tax on every transaction, 4% goes to liquidity automatically (LP locked) and 8% gets distributed to holders. Huge rewards for holding and a bigger burn moving forward. ??
Two trickle wallets containing 7.5% + 7.5% of total supply exist; these wallets trade between each other to create massive reflections for holders (and burn). Starting at 0.5% traded weekly between the wallets, the community will vote on the% + frequency with the upcoming application. ??
Upcoming betting platform lets the holders win, not the house. Starting winning today.
Token Percents.
15% Burn wallet, gone forever. Grows with every trade.
15% Total Trickle wallet supply. Massive burns + reflections weekly. ??
5% Developer wallet for application development, website, hiring staff.
Community: Buy, reflections. Sell, reflections. Trade, reflections.
Dev Trickle wallets trade weekly, with huge refle
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