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About Stamint Token - $STAM


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??$STAM token is just launched with the 25 000$ MC and has the revolutionary ecological mission so far!
?? Stamint is a 100% community owned token with loyal founders and investors who are ecological activists in real life and they will never stop until this token gets x100 growth!
??Of course, this is the best moment to buy some of them at a starting rate to catch the money rocket and be successful investor, but what if we tell you that becoming more wealthy you also contribute to environmental protection??!
?? Stamint provides to all of you the opportunity to participate in nature protection, because a share of money from each transaction will go to the tree planting to clean our common environment ??, this is why we will never go back, until we raise this token to the sun??!
?? We have an experienced team, organized marketing plan, moreover we wanna make something really useful and you all can make a contribution small or big, it does not matter ??. Lets keep our environment saf
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