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About SpacePunks - $SPNK


Binance Smart Chain


SpacePunks ?? is an NFT game-based project that will be launching very soon! Come check there telegram and website as they will be giving away an exclusive NFT artwork??
Holding: SpacePunk is dedicated to build a long-term project, by making our players have access to gaining assets (planets) on our game. We will leverage and increase the price on that asset depending on how long the player is holding on to it, this way the more players hold and defend their assets, the heavier their selling price will be in the NFT marketplace.
Nft-farm is the dedicated marketplace of SpacePunk. This is where users can turn their in-game NFT rewards into profit by trading it with other players for $SPNK tokens. All $SPNK presale events will be held in the $SPNK farm.
What we will do!??
We are currently building a NFT marketplace unlike the rest of the new tokens being released. You can buy, sell and trade planets in the universe on o