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Binance Smart Chain


Space Baby Coin Highest BNB Yields
$SpaceBabyCoin - Is The Highest BNB Reflection Token! | Earn 18% BNB reflection By Holding! Claiming BNB isn't needed, as it is automatically sent to your wallet every 4 hours.
Why to choose Space Baby Coin?
The core functions of Space Baby Coin are auto liquidity function and a passive disbursement yield whereby 18% of every sell transfer equally will be redistributed to the Space Baby Coin holders. You are earning passive money and the auto liquidity feature will stimulate a more stable price movement in time.
Auto liquidity
On each Transaction, 3% of Funds are sent to liquidity on pancakeswap
As long as you hold the $SpaceBabyCoin token, you will get rewards from transactions. Our vision is to make BNB become the most powerful token for holders and for users to earn benefits.
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