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About Shart Token - $SHART


Binance Smart Chain


Tired of all these coins hyping you up with long-term plans, then lasting all of 10 minutes before turning into a dumpster fire? So are we! We come to you with almost no long-term plans, no road map, and no use case. We're a straight up shitcoin, Safemoon fork and all.
And what self respecting shitcoin doesn't have a charity aspect these days? We'll be donating portions at $100,000, $1,000,000, and $5,000,000 market caps to a colon cancer research charity. No, we don't know which one yet.
If we haven't lost you yet, you're exactly the type of degen we're looking for! You know what we're about, and you're probably about it too. Let the love of memes bring us together.