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About SteroiDOGE - $ROIDS


Binance Smart Chain


SteroiDOGE is the first of its kind NFT Coin. Our holders will get a Whitelist opportunity to buy all of our NFT's first.
SteroiDOGE in a 100% Community Based Coin on the BSC Blockchain. SteroiDOGE has what is known as an unruggable Contract. This means that the Developer deployed the contract to have all LP be burned and LOCKED FOREVER. There is ZERO chance or ZERO way for anyone to touch or manipulate the LP at this point. The contract is set in stone. This makes SteroiDOGE one of the safest digital assets you can acquire in your portfolio.
SteroiDOGE isn't owned by anyone as the ownership has been renounced, making this NFT coin 100% community based. We have an experienced community Dev Team that's dedicated to the growth and longevity of this project.
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