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Binance Smart Chain


NerveFlux project is to develop a seamless system where everyone will be
able to buy properties without converting their cryptocurrencies to
fiat. To accomplish this, NerveFlux project will launch NerveFlux
Marketplace along with Nerve Token, NerveFlux Governance Coin, and
NerveFlux NFT. NerveFlux will be incorporated in multiple countries:
Italy, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Nigeria and other selected countries for
a start. NerveFlux Marketplace partners will be able to list their
properties in popular stable cryptocurrencies.
Consumers will be able to buy them without converting any crypto to
fiat. Furthermore, people will be able to rent houses through NerveFlux
Additionally, the Marketplace will also allow payments with local
currencies. It will ensure that the NerveFlux project is going to be the
go-to solution for everybody. NerveFlux intends to be that bridge
between cryptocurrency and fiat currency in the real estate business.
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