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About TheMysteryToken - $MYSTERY


Binance Smart Chain


TheMysteryToken is the latest Version of AutoReward Tokens. You will earn BNB through
Frictionless Yeild. After a successful launch, we will work towards building an NFT Market Place
where you can unlock Mystery "Loot Crates" with our $MYSTERY Token. Inside these "Loot
Crates" contain NFTs. Unlocking the crates gives you the chance to win Mystery NFTS and NFTS
from our Partners. The NFTS you find in the Mystery "Loot Crates" can either be worth alot or
very little. You will be able to buy, sell and trade all NFTS including the Mystery "Loot Crates".
Another original idea are our Real Estate NFT "Loot Crates". These special crates will remain a
mystery until they arrive on your doorstep and you open them up at home.
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