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About MiniF1 - $MiniF1


Binance Smart Chain


MiniF1 is a Binance Smart Chain token that rewards holders with MiniF1 reflections, giveaways, and liquidity pool growth through transaction taxation!
Each MiniF1 transaction is taxed 9% to facilitate holder rewards, giveaways, and liquidity pool growth. 4% of each transaction is added to the locked liquidity pool. 2% of each transaction is reflected to holders. Lastly, 3% of each transaction is sent to a prize wallet. This wallet is dedicated to rewarding holders in MiniF1 tokens, BNB, and BNB equivalents of real-world prizes. MiniF1 initially allocated 4.99% of the total supply (9.98% circulating) for marketing and promotional activities.
Holders and community members of MiniF1 are eligible for token giveaways, BNB lotteries, and BNB/BUSD equivalents of real-world prizes.
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