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About Doge Tycoon - $DTY


Binance Smart Chain


Doge Tycoon is a NFT based meme project with exciting use cases. A hyper-deflationary token comes with a NFT Game that allows you to get a chance to receive a NFT for every 24 hours.
All NFTs are rare as they have superpowers (reducing sell tax up to %70, boosting dividend etc.) and also they are tradable. Holders either can use their NFTs superpower or sell them on the NFT marketplace. Some NFTs will be really worthy.
Moreover, DogeTycoon has brilliant tokenomics with an anti-dump and buyback mechanism to push the price up. We have developed a system that the price will only go up! Dumps are not scary anymore.
Lastly, holders earn a BUSD dividend from every transactions. You can enjoy the passive income regardless of the market volatility.
We trust our project. Therefore, we have locked the LP for 265years and also we have locked team wallets as well. So your funds are safu 100%.
This is the doge with real utilities, one doge to rule them all. join us and be part of this great project
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