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Binance Smart Chain


??Welcome to Digital Doge,
??This futuristic Doge is programmed to deliver life changing returns. Reenvisioning the way rewards are distributed, $DIGI holders will not only benefit from static rewards, but will also be rewarded based on their engagement in the project.
??With payouts every 24 hours and a live leaderboard, we strive to build a strongly engaged core community that keeps growing organically well beyond launch day.
?All liquidity will be locked right from the start. Contract is online for viewing, feel free to ask us any questions in our official Telegram group.
??On top of all that we have a devoted team thats working 24/7 on making this Doge successfull. So join our telegram community and get ready for the moonride of your life!
2% LIQ
3% REDISTRIBUTION (all holders)
3% $DIGIdrop (50 most engaged members every 24H)
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